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CEO message

As you are aware, we live in an environment of constant change and healthcare is leading the pack. Whether it’s new legislation, consumer driven healthcare, technological advances, or an increase in chronic illness and healthcare consumers, more people continue to access healthcare. At the same time, insurance payers continue to align reimbursement to quality outcomes, versus the quantity of healthcare services provided. To stay ahead of the curve, Delta Health has to be able to provide acute patient care while also providing services to keep our community healthy.

I am writing this with great confidence that Delta Health is well positioned to handle all of the challenges and changes at hand and to excel at strategically planning for our future. This, however, could not be accomplished without the amazing team at Delta Health. Whether it is physicians, hospital leaders, associates, volunteers, or donors, one thing is for certain; the strength and sustainability of our healthcare institution depends upon how well our patients are cared for.


As a standalone, community hospital district, we have to rely on our community members utilizing Delta Health for their care. It is no small feat to stay well positioned and respond to changes in our delivery model. To do this we have worked hard to invest in additional services, providers and technology. As we look forward, we will continue to embrace change as we shape tomorrow and grow to new heights. Rest assured, our team at Delta Health is ready to take care of your healthcare needs when they arise.


Delta Health has been blessed with the ongoing and generous support of all our trusted community friends and partners for many years. Your support has made a tremendous difference, not just for our organization, but for the thousands of people we serve. As the needs of the community evolve, Delta Health will continue to innovate and look for opportunities to expand and improve our services in order to best serve those who are in need. Thank you again for your valued support of Delta Health.

 For Your Good Health,

 Matt Heyn, MHA
 CEO for Delta Health

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