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Awards and Accreditation

DNV Accreditation and Assessment

Accreditation facilitates the optimization of performance, enhances patient safety, and improves trust in your healthcare system. Requirements for accreditation vary from nation to nation. Whether mandated by law or embraced voluntarily as a tool for improvement and to build prestige, accreditation is a valuable asset to any hospital. Requirements for our International Healthcare Accreditation are themselves accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) and are based upon those DNV GL’s USA standards that have been approved by the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. By integrating proven quality and risk management principles with specific clinical and physical environmental requirements, DNV GL’s innovative approach to accreditation reaches a new level, by proactively focusing on risk and process/system design, embedding a customized quality management framework, based upon the needs of the organization, which is patient-centered, and fosters efficiency, accountability, and sustainability. Our program also addresses general safety for workers, patients, and visitors.

Throughout the history of developing standards and conducting assessments to measure compliance with standards, DNV has built up practical insight into what makes a set of standards meaningful and effective. DNV partners with local, regional and national stakeholders to write healthcare standards adapted to specific requirements, involve public and professional representation, and develop and implement the assessment process. In addition, DNV brings together and shares good practice between countries, types of healthcare organizations and different industry sectors.

Delta Health made the transition in 2014 from Joint Commission Accreditation to DNV. DNV audits the Delta hospital each year, rather than once every three years as was done previously with Joint Commission. This fits into Delta Health’s philosophy of continuous quality improvement.


Delta Health Patient Safety Awarded for the Third Time


Delta Health Urgent Care Exemplary Provider Award


Community Nominations for Awards

Grassroots Champion Award

Jason Cleckler
July 12, 2018

Volunteers Award Scholarships To Delta County High School Seniors

Peyton Schuster, Anha Richards, Jordan Tamayo, Jessica Craig, and Alyssa Kissner
May 14, 2018


Janel Webb
April 2018

Doing something for the community

Jimmy Retherford
April, 2017


Shelby Wilson, Simon Driver, and Haley Park

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