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Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance Program Summary

The Financial Assistance Program (FAP) is for Delta Health Facility Billing and is separate from our Physician Billing sliding scale. The Guarantor (the person responsible for the bill) can apply and become eligible for Financial Assistance through our Charity Care Program to discount your patient balance on bills that are emergent or medically necessary services. Please note that no assistance will be needed if you are covered by Health First Colorado Medicaid or CHP+.

Hospital Discounted Care

Hospital Discounted Care was created by ​​House Bill (HB) 21-1198​. Patients who are at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) are eligible for Hospital Discounted Care. It limits the amounts that low-income patients can be billed for health care services at hospitals and emergency rooms, It also limits amounts billed from providers who work at hospitals and emergency rooms. Hospitals must give patients the chance to apply for discounted care when they have services at the hospital. If the patient qualifies, their billed amounts will be limited to the rates set by the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (Department). Payment plans for patients who qualify cannot be more than four (4) % of the patient’s gross monthly income for bills from the hospital. Payment plans for each provider that bills separately from the hospital cannot be more than two (2) % of the patient’s gross monthly household income. Payment plans cannot be longer than 36 months of payments. Once 36 payments have been made, the bill is considered paid in full.

ALL uninsured will be screened and have the option to decline the screening.  The Financial Counselor can be reached at 970-874-2226 for any questions. 

Eligibility Criteria

Basis for Calculating Amounts – How to Apply

Please contact our Financial Counselor at 970.874.2226 for any assistance with your bills. You may also call 970.874.7681 or email the Business Office for billing questions.

You can access the Charity Applications here:

1. Charity Care Application for Hospital Services

or you can request a copy be mailed to you. You may also pick up a copy with our Financial Counselor or Cashier at 1501 E 3rd St, Delta, CO 81416 or at the Business Office 100 Stafford Ln, Delta, CO 81416. There is no charge for copies given or mailed.

All Guarantors, whether insured or uninsured, become eligible for a discount under FAP by completing the Charity Care Application and providing the requested documentation and signatures. Please contact us if you need information mailed to you by calling 970.874.2226. 

FAP Charity Care Discount Scale:

Once you are approved, you will be set up on the payment plan of your choice. After three payments are received, the discount will be applied to the original patient balance and after any insurance payments and contractual adjustments, if applicable. This amount is based on pricing that comes from our chargemaster that is changed on January 1 of each year.

Non Payments Made Without Extraordinary Collection Activities (ECA)

Delta Health will attempt to collect balances due by sending statements and/or calling directly the Guarantor. If no payments are made or monthly payment contracts are not set-up, your balance will be sent to A1 Collection Agency (A1) after a 130-day review and your discount will be reversed. If you did not apply for Charity Care and your account balance was sent to A1, you will still be eligible to apply for Charity Care to a minimum of 240 days. If approved at this time, we will remove the balance from A1 and return it to Delta Health and you will be set-up on a payment plan of your choice. Interest will only be added when A1, a credit reporting agency, is collecting your balance.

Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP)

Delta Health offers Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP) for emergency services only and you qualify based on your family annual income. You will need to fill out a CICP Application and contact our Financial Counselor at 970.874.2226 for any assistance. The CICP program must be applied for within 90 days of your date of service.

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