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Open Records Request Form

Please Note: This Open Records Request Form is NOT for Medical Records Requests.
For Medical Records Requests, please call 970.874.6433.

Disclosure: Delta Health is subject to State laws regarding public records and the production of records subject to inspection pursuant to C.R.S. §24-72-201, et. seq. Large and/or voluminous requests for records require the time of Hospital employees to gather, copy, compile records in compliance with State law. In order to offset the time costs and actual costs associated with large and/or voluminous records requests, Delta Health has adopted the following policy: (1) The first hour of research/retrieval time shall be free. There is a fee of thirty dollars ($30.00) per hour beyond the first hour for the research and retrieval of public records. (Multiple records requests from the same requestor within a thirty (30) day time period shall be treated as one records request for the purpose of time calculation.) (2) There is a fee of twenty-five cents per standard page for a copy of a public record. (3) There will be a charge for the actual cost of providing a public record other than a copy of a standard page, such as the cost of a thumb drive/disc to provide a large volume of electronic material.

(This policy is adopted pursuant to C.R.S §24-72-205(5) and §24-72-201, et. seq., as amended.)

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