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Nov 7, 2022Library

The hospital experience can be scary, full of anxiety, and full of complex emotions. But one area that shouldn’t be a concern is the quality of care and compassion received during a hospital visit. What we want our patients to come to expect every time they walk into the Delta Health hospital or one of our clinics is excellent patient care for every patient, every time.

E3 – Excellence, Every Patient, Every Time is Delta Health’s quality and care commitment to our patients, our community, and to one another that we will give the E3 experience. From every clinic and throughout the hospital, staff are gearing up, being given new tools in education, coming together to make a joint commitment and being reinvigorated with a newly defined direction with quality, compassion and trust leading the way.

To ensure that our E3 commitment stays at the top of our minds,  we have monthly E3 Challenges helping not only remind staff and give them practical tools for a better patient experience. We have increased leadership rounding and created a day every quarter, making it possible through shift scheduling and giving floor staff the opportunity to join in on committees, giving honest feedback on challenges and working with leadership to create solutions.   

At Delta Health, patients and their families play an integral role in their healthcare experiences. We welcome and encourage patients and families to ask questions, be active communicators and give us feedback along the way. Our nurses and direct caregivers are there if patients have questions or concerns at the moment. We encourage everyone to be open and honest.

As part of our E3 Initiative, Excellence, Every Patient, Every Time, we are continuing to recognize employees of Delta Health who are providing excellent care every day by celebrating those employees who exemplify excellence, every patient, every time.

Since 2018 Delta Health has celebrated and recognized employees through the Daisy and Bee Awards through community and colleague nominations. Helping us continue to shine a light on our amazing staff and our E3 commitment, we have placed large signs and drop boxes highlighting our Bee Award and the Daisy Award around clinics and the hospital. We are hoping that this will make it easy for staff and patients to recognize the excellence you all are providing on a daily basis. Please take the time to help us recognize our amazing staff through a paper or online nomination and share your story of how a nurse or staff made a difference in providing excellent care. You can find the BEE and Daisy nomination forms at the front concierge desk, at these drop-off locations, any department manager, or by going online to

For the times we don’t get it right and a patient or family member feels they need further support or has a concern, Delta Health also has Patient Advocates. The Patient Advocates are for anyone who feels they need a liaison between patients, families, hospitals, and medical staff. They can serve as a point of contact for organization-wide complaints and grievances and provide feedback from the patient to the organization to continually improve the patient experience. And know that if at any time during or after a visit, a patient/family feels we have not met their needs or not answered questions, they have the right to file a formal complaint with us without fear of retribution or impact toward your care. There is a Patient Advocate specifically for Hospital concerns and one for Clinic concerns.

We can’t make improvements alone. We need your feedback, whether that is through patient surveys, letters, emails, or telephone calls. We encourage you to be involved in resolving issues regarding your own care, treatment, and services. To express concerns, complaints and a grievance you can contact us via mail, e-mail, or telephone.

Hospital Patient Advocate: 970.874.6048

Clinic Patient Advocate: 970.399.2690

The Delta Health patient experience committee meets regularly to collaborate, listen and respond to what our community is saying. From community events, forums, community groups, patient concerns, and surveys to the Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC), Delta Health has stepped back to listen and find out a few things we needed to do and change and continue to grow with and for our community.

We look forward to this next chapter at Delta Health where patient experience will continue to take priority so that our patients and community come to expect excellent patient care for every patient, every time.

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