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The Benefits of Family Practice Obstetrics

Jun 6, 2022Library

When I chose to enter Family Medicine, one of the biggest draws was the chance to treat individual patients and treat entire families. In particular, it is incredibly rewarding when a patient chooses me as their Obstetrics (OB) provider. It is truly special to get to know a patient pre-pregnancy, as they progress through pregnancy, to be able to help deliver their child and then to watch their children grow as they come in for well-child checks and more. Those are just some of the reasons why I choose to provide prenatal and OB care at Delta Health. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider an FPOB when exploring your comprehensive and integrated family care provider needs: 

  1. Established provider-patient relationship: As your primary care providers, we have seen you for other reasons. We are familiar with your medical history and immediately apply this to your prenatal care.  
  2. Primary care: If something else happens during your pregnancy, for example, you hurt your back, get a sinus infection, or any other issue – we will be able to help you on the spot. 
  3. Postnatal care for mother and baby: After pregnancy, we will be able to care for you AND your baby immediately following the delivery. This allows for even more continuity in care.
  4. Individualized care: As family physicians, we take our time during delivery. We have fewer OB patients and that allows us to focus on you and your family. We will follow your lead as long as you do well and your baby is healthy. You are able to bring a doula at the time of delivery, and we encourage mothers to take the lead on when they feel ready to push. We take the mindset that having your baby is your experience, not ours. We are there to support you and your wishes and needs. 
  5. Specialist referral on a needed basis: We know our limitations, and we do our very best to keep all of your care in your home clinic and only send you to a specialist if necessary.  There may be instances where we cannot care for you because your pregnancy is considered high-risk. If that is the case, we will consult with the appropriate specialist to give you high-quality care. 

At Delta Health the Family Practice Obstetrics model allows us to continue providing remarkable care in a healing environment. Our goal is to care for you and your entire family through all stages of life. 

To learn more about OB care at Delta Health, visit or call 970.872.1400. 

Dr. Lebsack is a Family Practice Obstetrics Physician at the Delta Health West Elk Hotchkiss Clinic. He is currently accepting new patients. Call 970.399.2737. 

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