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The Environmental Services Department at Delta Health

Mar 2, 2021Library

Sarah Knop, BBA

Environmental Services Director at Delta County Memorial Hospital

Formerly called the Housekeeping and Linen department, the Environmental Services (EVS) team at Delta County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) encompasses much more than just “keeping house.” EVS has evolved into providing remarkable care by keeping patients safe.

Over the past year, the EVS team has worked hard to provide a quality healthcare experience for DCMH patients. EVS has done this by adding state-of-the-art disinfection tools and technology. Most recently, in partnership with Delta County, EVS introduced its new Helios UV-C light disinfection system. The Helios system uses ultraviolet lights to help prevent the spread of dangerous microorganisms and target viruses, including COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2, to ensure a safer environment.

The DCMH EVS department also introduced more portable cleaning tools like their new Clorox 360 Disinfectant Cleaner, Spore Defense machine. The machine travels to outer clinics as well as in-house patient areas and uses an electronic spray nozzle to clean hard to reach surfaces and spots. It is EPA approved to kill the COVID-19 virus and covers the front, back and sides of surfaces for the best overall germ protection.

When both the Helios UV-C system and the Clorox 360 machine are used in conjunction with the standard cleaning process, the highest level of sanitization takes place. This gives patients an overall peace of mind about visiting the hospital and clinics.

Patients are the top priority for the EVS team. In addition to keeping patients safe, EVS also looks for opportunities to brighten someone’s day. The team has started leaving “cues of clean,” indicating to patients that the room they are in has been sanitized. This reduces anxiety for patients who might have been away from their room during the clean, and for new patients coming to an empty room who want to know it’s been sanitized. The EVS team informs patients of the steps being taken during the cleaning visit to ensure they are aware that every surface has been fully sanitized.

The name change to EVS has allowed team members to feel the importance of their position and created notoriety for the department. As the hospital continues to grow, the need for compassionate, hardworking Environmental Technicians will also grow so that we can better serve the community of Delta County.

The EVS department is excited about the future and has more plans in store when it comes to inspiring hope by providing remarkable care in a healing environment that is safe for patients.

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