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The Power of Home Health Physical Therapy

Nov 1, 2021Library

By: Kylor Snook, PT, DPT

At Delta Health Home Health our goal is to get you healthy and back to living the life that you love. We are dedicated to making life comfortable for you in your own home.

I am a Geriatric and Pediatric Physical Therapist (PT) that works specifically in Home Health-based services. I have been with Delta Health Home Health now for two and a half years and have had the pleasure of working with many individuals in our community.

One service that we are proud to offer at Delta Health Home Health is PT at home.  Working with patients at their place of residence is unique in that it allows us to focus on interventions specifically related to improving their functional mobility and independence in their everyday home environment.

PT can encompass many things, including exercises and activities that challenge and improve your balance in ways the mimic real life, recovery from a sports injury, stroke, trauma, or paralysis, slowing physical decline related and progressive neurological conditions.

There are also some manual therapy techniques that we can use to reduce pain and age-related medical issues. Through these therapies, we can reduce the need for surgery, as well as conduct targeted stretching and strengthening to improve physical activity and mobility.

Each care plan is individualized and designed by Licensed PT to address the patient’s primary deficits and concerns. Home Health PT is a great option for many different patients from children to adults and can be requested through your primary care physician if it is found to be medically necessary and appropriate.

For more information on our Home Health program, visit or call 970.874.2463. The Delta Health Home Health office is located at 70 Stafford Lane in Delta.

Kylor Snook is a Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy that works at Delta Health Home Health as a pediatric and geriatric physical therapist.

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