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Three important aspects to young boys’ health

Jun 1, 2021Library

Three important aspects to young boys’ health

Dr. Amanda Lovette, Pediatrician at Delta Health Pediatrics

June is Men’s Health Month where we focus on raising awareness about the diverse health and wellness needs of men. Men lead the pack in nine out of the 10 leading causes of death in the United States. Suicide rates are also four times higher in men than in women.

A big hurdle for some men and young boys is simply asking for help with their physical and emotional health when they are struggling. That is why we must bring awareness to the importance of young boys’ health as well.

Here are three important aspects when addressing boys’ health:

  1. Boys need to talk it out too

Society often teaches our boys to be resilient and tough – all of which is fine as long as boys also feel that they can talk about their emotions and discuss how they feel. It’s important to teach boys how to talk through their emotions so that they do not hold their feelings in. This can lead to unhealthy behaviors as boys grow up into men who may struggle with depression or anxiety because they have not learned to express and cope with their emotions during childhood.

It’s healthy to teach boys that it’s OK to talk about their feelings. Doing this will allow them to grow into well-adjusted men who can function well in their careers and family lives.

  1. Boys have great energy

Boys have energy. Let them use it.  Studies from the World Health Organization have shown that the majority of boys, globally, do not meet the recommended daily activity recommendations of one hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day. Many things take our boys’ attention away from the great outdoors – social media, video games, TV, cars and more.  When our boys are not active as children, they have far greater risks of developing heart disease, obesity; cancer and diabetes (just to name a few). By teaching our boys healthy lifestyle habits now, we greatly improve their chances of being healthy adults.

  1. Boys like to be liked

Everyone likes to be liked – and boys are no different. Boys will sometimes do risky things to be liked by their peers who may not always be the greatest influences. That is why it is important to talk to your child about peer influences and discuss what your family believes are good decisions versus bad decisions. Take the lead and show your child what it looks like to make healthy and safe choices. Be involved in his life and monitor his choices. Don’t be afraid to step in when you see him faltering; he will thank you when he has grown into a healthy adult.

June is the time to celebrate the health and well-being of our young boys and men. Let’s maximize their physical and mental well-being by helping them make sound, beneficial choices in their lives.

At Delta Health Pediatrics we are here to support you and your child’s overall health. We are a primary care pediatric clinic that specializes in the general healthcare needs of infants, children and adolescents. We see children between the ages of 0-18 years of age and believe that our pediatric care is a partnership between us, you and your child.

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Dr. Amanda Lovette is a Pediatrician at the Delta Health Pediatrics clinic located in Delta, Colorado. Lovette specializes in the general healthcare needs of infants, children and adolescents.

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