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Workers Compensation: FAQ

May 26, 2022Library

Safety and injury prevention in the workplace

Alana Montgomery, Family Nurse Practitioner

Safety inside and outside of the workplace has become increasingly crucial now, more than ever. Each year the National Safety Council (NSC) is focused on saving lives and preventing injuries by providing real-time, relevant sources on a variety of topics relating to keeping workers safe during this time. But what happens if you or someone you know does get injured on the job? We sat down with Alana Montgomery, Family Nurse Practitioner and experienced workers’ compensation professional, to answer your most commonly asked questions regarding workman’s comp.

Q: What is workman’s comp?

A: If someone gets hurt on the job or if they have an underlying issue related to the job, then they come in to see a healthcare professional. We ask them to fill out a special form that asks them specifics on their injury, such as what happened and what kind of health problems are they experiencing. Then, we treat the patient.

Q: Can I go to anyone for my workman’s comp healthcare?

A: Who you can receive care from depends on your employer’s workman’s comp insurance. It is best to find someone who is a certified workman’s comp provider and who is covered by your insurance, your employer will direct you on who you can see.

Q: What is your number one goal when you get a new workman’s comp patient?

A: My number one goal is to make sure that they can return back to work in a safe environment and that they are well enough to do so. My goal is actually not to take patients off from work, but to get them back to work.

Q: What would you say to the people who feel there is a stigma attached to seeking help for workman’s comp?

A: A lot of people blame themselves and say they were clumsy, but we all can’t control the outside factors that can contribute to our injury. It’s important for people to understand that a lot of times it’s not their fault – they still need to get well.

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