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Delta Health Welcomes Back Doctor Jesus Ochoa to Adult Primary Care Clinic

Nov 7, 2022News

Delta, CO (November 7, 2022) – Delta Health is excited to announce that Jesus Ochoa, M.D. is returning to the health system as part of the Adult Primary Care Clinic team. As a well-known physician in the area, Ochoa has been working at different local clinics throughout Delta County for over 14 years. 

“Ochoa was previously a provider at the Delta Health Family Medicine Clinic for nine years, and we were excited at the opportunity to welcome him back into the Delta Health family at Adult Primary Care,” said Matt Heyn, President and CEO at Delta Health.

“I have my medical training in family medicine with obstetrics and pediatrics,” said Ochoa. “But I think the nature of our community is focused on adult medicine and my panel of patients has grown into that demographic. Adult Primary Care is a great place to practice medicine and I’m excited to be there.” 

Ochoa is known for being bilingual in Spanish and English and has developed a strong patient base in Delta County. 

“I think about my patients as more than just a number, but a human being,” said Ochoa. “When I walk into that room their problem is the biggest problem in their lives, and I will do my best to care for them and to take what they think into account.”

Ochoa has grown to love rural healthcare and getting to know people and their families more intimately.  

“Working in rural healthcare you see a  lot more interesting cases and that can be more rewarding whereas in a big city you don’t often get to be as involved in specific care areas,” said Ochoa. “I had one of my mentors say that family medicine is like skipping a rock on the water; you touch many different areas and you only go as deep as you feel comfortable in. We have amazing care here at Delta Health with amazing specialists, so we really get the best of both worlds getting touch different care areas while still having a great safety net.” 

In medical school, Ochoa said that he found himself interested in a lot of different disciplines which is why he chose Family Medicine. He said he developed along the way a desire to care for people and to be involved in their lives and to be the one that directs patient care in conjunction with other specialists. 

Ochoa enjoys spending time with his wife ad their two kids who are 16 and 14 years old. He enjoys sports and is an assistant coach for girls’ soccer. He enjoys golfing and reading. 

“Delta is a great place to live and we’re so lucky to be here,” said Ochoa. “It’s a beautiful place with great outdoors and great people. I like practicing in Delta and am looking forward to making a difference in their lives.” 

Ochoa is currently accepting new patients at the Delta Health Adult Primary Care Clinic. To make an appointment, call 970.874.7668 or visit to learn more. 

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