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Delta Health Mammography Department Receives Perfect Score on Quality Standards Inspection

Sep 8, 2020News

Delta, CO (September 8, 2020) – The Delta Health (Delta Health) Mammography Department recently passed the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) inspection with 100% compliance and zero citations.

“I am extremely proud of our Mammography Department and staff,” said Jeffrey Richmond, Director of Radiology RIS/PACS Administrator at Delta Health. “Receiving a perfect score on the MQSA is just another indication of the high quality of care that we provide to all of our patients.”

Across the nation, the MQSA requires mammography facilities to meet uniform quality standards. It assures high-quality mammography imaging for early breast cancer detection, which can lead to early treatment, a variety of treatment options and an increased chance of survival.

Passed in 1992, the MQSA established national quality standards for mammography. During each inspection, the MQSA inspectors assess a facilities’ compliance with MQSA quality standards.

“During the MQSA inspection, an inspector assesses equipment performance, quality assurance records, quality control records and tests, mammography equipment evaluations, personnel qualification records, medical records and more,” said Rochelle Somers, Lead Mammography Tech at Delta Health.

The Mammography Department at Delta Health continues to strive for the highest level of imaging and has a compassionate and caring team who is willing to work with patients every step of the way to make their imaging experiences as pleasant and accurate as possible.

To schedule an appointment with the Delta Health Mammography Department, visit or call 970.874.2214.


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