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Resolutions for 2024: Delta Health Patient Feedback Survey

Dec 18, 2023News

As the year winds to a close, it is natural to reflect back on the year that has passed and to make resolutions designed to guide positive changes in the year to come.  My personal resolutions are usually the typical variety (shed some extra pounds, save more for retirement, achieve better work-life balance), but there is always my tried and true perpetual resolution – DO NOT TEXT OR EMAIL IN ANGER.  This year I made it to May 23rd, so here’s hoping I fare better in 2024.

The Delta Health Board of Directors has also set forth our resolutions for 2024, and I am confident that Delta Health will not look the same this time next year.  Just like my personal resolutions, we intend to shed some extra pounds, save more, and achieve better balance in the coming year; however, we cannot do this without the support of our patients.

You are the reason we exist, and our goal of providing compassionate, quality healthcare that you can trust cannot happen if we do not take stock and evaluate what is working well and what is not working well. We just concluded an employee survey to better understand what is working and not working from our staff’s perspective, but we also need to hear from you.

We have crafted a short survey that we hope you will take the time to consider and complete. We invite you to complete the survey in whatever format you prefer, either on paper or online. Feel free to write or type your answers to these questions and mail them to:

Delta Health
Attn: Julie Huffman
1501 E. 3rd Street
Delta, CO 81416

Or fill out the survey online at the following link:

I sincerely hope that whatever your New Year’s resolution may be, that the coming year brings you good health and much happiness.

Julie J. Huffman
Interim CEO, Chief Legal Officer, Delta Health

Delta Health Patient Feedback Survey Questions
1. Do you currently receive care from Delta Health hospital and/or clinics?  Yes or No
2. If no, and if you so desire, please tell us why you do not use Delta Health for services.
3. If no, and if you so desire, please tell us what we can do (if anything) to gain your business in the future.
4. If yes, what services do you receive from Delta Health?
5. If yes, and if you so desire, please list the top two or three things you would like us to improve or change.
6. How satisfied are you with your overall experience at our hospital?
7. Would you recommend Delta Health to others?

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