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Delta Health Phone Scam Alert

Mar 1, 2023News

DELTA HEALTH PHONE SCAM ALERT: Please be advised that there is a new telephone scam circulating. Delta Health has been made aware and wants to advise residents and patients about a potential phone scam in our area where it will indicate on caller ID that Delta Health is calling when we have not. Called “spoofing,”  it is a way that the Caller ID feature allows the scammer to disguise who they are by making the phone number appear to be that of the hospital or clinic.

Many scams like this have been happening nationwide. Scams are generally attempts to obtain confidential information. Please help educate your family, friends, neighbors and others about such scams. Do not provide confidential information over the phone unless you placed the call to the medical center. Be wary of anyone asking for your Social Security number, bank account information, or financial details. When in doubt, hang up and call the hospital or clinic. 

Here are some additional tips:

  •       If you have not been a patient at Delta Health or are not currently scheduled for a medical procedure, it is unlikely that you will be receiving a call from the hospital.
  •      If you are a Delta Health patient and are unsure as to why you would receive a call from them, ask for the caller’s name, hospital department and a direct phone number to call them back. You may also call the hospital’s Billing Department directly at 970.874.7681 or Physician Billing at 970.874.2470.
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