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Delta Health Volunteers Banquet and Annual Meeting

Apr 26, 2024News

Delta, CO (April 26, 2024) Delta Health Volunteers celebrated their 48th Annual Banquet on Saturday, April 20. This year’s theme was “Happy to Bee Apart of this Hive,” and volunteers were presented with hours and years of service awards.

  • 5 Year Awards: Jo Leftwich, Linda Link, Judy Shumway
  • 10-Year Awards: Mikel Adams and Elaine Heinze
  • 100 Hours: Fran Cranor, Amy Hultzman, Maddy Kraus, Kathy Labrum, and Julie Mixter
  • 1000 Hours: Linda Link, Shirley Mogan, Arla Shelton, Judy Shumway and Connie Stewart
  • 2000 Hours: Maria Wells
  • 3000 Hours: Betty Trembly

Jonathan Cohee, Delta Health’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) was the guest speaker and talked about the vital role that volunteers play in creating an environment of warmth and care that extends beyond medical treatment.

“We are here to express our deepest gratitude to the heart and soul of our hospital – our volunteers,” said Cohee in a speech during the banquet. “Volunteers are the true embodiment of the spirit of service. You are the epitome of compassion, kindness, and empathy. You provide extra support that our patients and their families need, offering a sense of reassurance and a ray of hope.”

Cohee thanked the volunteers for their efforts and continued service to the hospital and patients and reflected on the past year.

“We have faced unprecedented challenges together,” said Cohee. “Our struggle has tested our resilience, our strength, and our ability to adapt. In the face of adversity, our volunteers stood tall, continuing to serve with unwavering dedication and courage.”

In 2023, Delta Health volunteers contributed 4,982.25 hours to Delta Health, bringing in an estimated savings of $99,645 to the organization. Their impact reaches the hospital, the oncology department, clinics, and the community.

Volunteer president, Teresas Brown introduced and welcomed the next special guests, the Sweet Adelines. The Sweet Adelines are part of a national cappella singing group that connects people through the power of song.

The Delta Health Volunteer program started in 1976 and was organized by 22 women who felt the need to give back. Originally the “Gray Ladies,” when the new hospital was built on Stafford Lane, they were renamed the “Pink Ladies.” Gradually the volunteer positions have grown throughout the hospital, and male volunteers, known as the “Red Barons,” are also part of the program.

Delta Health is always looking to grow its team of volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a Delta Health Volunteer, contact Jacque Davis at, 970-874-2291, or go to

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