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Delta Health’s new tablets improve patients’ ability to connect with family and friends during hospital stay

Mar 2, 2021News

For COVID-19 patients, extended hospital stays can feel isolating due to increased safety precautions and visitor restrictions.

Delta Health’s effort to connect hospital patients with families, friends and loved ones has been enhanced through the donation of 15 Samsung Galaxy tablets from the organization COVID Tech Connect to the hospital.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer patients a tablet through our concierge program, and we hope that this will help patients and families to stay connected and in-touch during what can be a difficult time,” said Anna Campbell, Concierge Manager for Delta Health. “We are so grateful to the COVID Tech Connect for their generous donation and look forward to offering this service to our patients.”

COVID Tech Connect was founded with a mission to connect critically ill COVID-19 patients with their loved ones by donating smart devices to hospitals and care facilities across the country.

The tablets are part of Delta Health’s effort to increase inpatient access to mobile devices when four tablets were donated by the DCMH Foundation at the end of 2020. Patients will be able to communicate with friends, family and loved ones through multiple platforms such as Zoom, Google Duo, or Skype.

“At Delta Hospital we are continuing to adapt and change to better serve our patients with compassion and quality health care services,” said Matt Heyn, CEO for Delta Health. “Offering this service to our patients means that during extended hospital stays they have the opportunity to speak and see their family members and loved ones – even if it’s through a screen. We know that this will help inspire hope and we are excited to continue growing and adapting to better serve our community.”

Born out of necessity in response to COVID-19, Delta Health started rolling out its Concierge Program in the fall of 2020 to create the best possible experience for patients, families, and community members. The service is meant to meet guest’s non-medical needs and to provide them with the tools and resources they need to have an excellent experience at DCMH.

“The feedback and input from our patients and community members are extremely important to us,” said Matt Heyn, CEO for Delta Health. “We listened to our community and their desire for exceptional customer service from their healthcare provider and we decided to make it happen.”
The Concierge team provides a variety of services to make the hospital stay as comfortable as possible by providing thoughtful service that goes above and beyond. Whether it’s looking for local resources and information or simply providing additional care and comfort, the concierge is there for patients, family members and guests.

“As someone who has experience both as a patient at a hospital and visiting a loved one at a hospital, I understand how important some of those non-medical needs can be,” said Campbell. “As part of the care team, our concierge’s offer additional support and a high level of attention and care for all the potential needs our patients and family members might have during their visit.”

The concierge team has also helped implement COVID-19 protocols for incoming patients. The team screens incoming patients at the main hospital front desk takes temperatures, asks COVID-related symptom questions, and there is an Emergency Room concierge that greets patients and helps keep the lobbies sanitized.

They have also implemented a new, user-friendly check-in system at the front desk to make the waiting process from admissions to appointments faster and smoother.

“Delta Health is excited to continue expanding our concierge services in the coming months and look forward to adapting and creating new ways to go above and beyond in our patient care,” said Heyn.

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