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Delta Health Employs Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring to Extend Care to Rural Patients

May 17, 2019News

Delta, CO (May 17, 2019) – Delta Health (Delta Health) has partnered with Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) to launch a Remote Home Monitoring program to increase access to care for rural patients. Delta Montrose Home Health (DMHH) is the first healthcare provider to partner with HRS to provide telehealth and remote patient monitoring services on the western slope.

Delta Health’s Home Remote Monitoring program will extend care to high-risk, chronic care patient populations such as COPD, CHF, and diabetes as well as post-surgical patients. Delta aims to utilize HRS telehealth platform and remote patient monitoring software to not only extend care to rural communities but to enable patients to stay in their homes, safely, for as long as possible.

Delta Montrose Home Health Director, Herbert B. Grigat shared his excitement for the program stating, “this is not your traditional telehealth. This system will increase the quality of care for our patients and their families and give them access to our staff 24/7. Delta Montrose Home Health is transforming our model of care delivery and using technology in different ways, new to the whole state of Colorado, to engage and empower patients and family members.”

Home Remote Monitoring patients receive a 4G tablet, pre-loaded with the HRS software, and an array of Bluetooth biometric monitoring devices. The devices connect wirelessly to the tablets and enable patients to easily track their blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, weight, and more. The HRS software also includes educational videos, daily surveys, and medication reminders to engage patients and educate them on their conditions.

Patient metrics and data are seamlessly uploaded to the Delta Home Health clinician’s dashboard to provide continuous monitoring. Case Managers will be available to monitor high-risk patients and provide 24/7 support. High-risk alerts from patient tablets will trigger an immediate call from Case Managers to determine the severity of patient status and the next steps in treatment.

As part of their commitment to serve as many patients as possible, Delta will utilize the video conferencing platform to reach patients in surrounding rural areas while reducing nurse time, in-person visits, and costs to patients. Additionally, Delta will explore the use of three-way video conferencing to engage referring physicians to take part in the patient and RN virtual appointments.

A critical part of Delta’s Home Remote Monitoring program will be communication between DMHH Case Managers and Delta Health physicians. Physicians will receive 30-day patient summaries including pain level information, patient compliance, and caregiver involvement. Comprehensive patient overviews from Case Managers will provide referring physicians with a comprehensive overview of a patient’s status and build upon Delta Health’s care continuum.

“Remote monitoring offers our community a timely response to impending changes in their health at an affordable cost. Family members and patients will take comfort in knowing that they are being monitored continuously and support is always available,” stated Delta Health’s Chief Clinical Officer, Jody Roeber.

Jarrett Bauer, CEO of HRS, added, “providing continuous, comprehensive care is essential for chronic care patients, and becomes increasingly challenging when patients live in rural areas. Delta’s innovative program will provide patients with the tools they need to be successful in their care plan and improve their quality of life. We are honored to have been selected as Delta’s partner as they continue to provide exceptional care to patients across Colorado.

“Delta-Montrose Home Health is hosting an Open House on June 14th, from 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm for their partners and the community to meet the dedicated home health staff and see the exciting, new technology Delta-Montrose Home Health has implemented.

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