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Delta Health Recognizes Extraordinary Healthcare Workers

Nov 6, 2020News

Seven Delta Health (DMCH) healthcare workers were recognized for this quarter’s Beyond Exceptional Expectation (BEE) Awards that honors all hospital employees.

The award is meant for all employees outside of those not a Registered Nurse (RN), and this quarter’s overall BEE award winner was Claudia Beltran from the Environmental Services Department at Delta Health. The other BEE nominees were: Alanna Kind, Certified Nursing Assistant, Tammie Abeyta, Certified Nursing Assistant, Juan Barajas-Ramirez, Food Services, Cindy Hyde, Billing, Toni Colby, Respiratory Therapist and Drew Rogouski, Physical Therapist.

“The news of Claudia’s “Queen Bee” status overjoys the Environmental Services team,” said Sarah Knop, the Environmental Services Director for Delta Health. “To be recognized for going above and beyond is very rewarding.”

Established in 2016, the BEE award was established by nurses at Jewish Hospital to recognize the extraordinary members of their staff that go above and beyond in the healthcare services they provide.

“We are beyond proud of each and every employee who was nominated for a BEE Award,” said Matt Heyn, CEO of Delta Health. “The multiple nomination forms that we receive show what great lengths our employees go to provide exceptional, high-quality healthcare services to our patients and community members. We are so honored to have such an amazing team of healthcare workers at Delta Health.”

At Delta Health, The Employee Action Makers Making Awesome Stuff Happen (T.E.A.M. M.A.S.H.) group that decided to bring these awards to the forefront. T.E.A.M. M.A.S.H. is made up of employees from departments across Delta Health, making them an ideal group to review nominations from patients and coworkers.

“The BEE award helps bridge the gap so that all of the Delta Health staff can be recognized for the critical role they play in enhancing a patient’s experience and outcome,” said Kaitlyn Jones, Director of the Foundation and T.E.A.M. M.A.S.H. Co-Chair. “The symbols for the DAISY and BEE awards are fitting, as bees and daisies have a symbiotic relationship in nature and rely on each other to thrive. The same is true at Delta Health and the relationship that our healthcare team has with one another.”

Fellow employees, patients and community members can nominate a Delta Health employee for a BEE award, and each quarter a BEE award winner is selected in a blinded scoring process by the T.E.A.M. M.A.S.H. group. Nominations can be completed via an in-person form or by going online to fill out a digital nomination form at

“Every person at Delta Health plays a critical role, and this award helps acknowledge those individuals that continuously go the extra mile in their level of patient care regardless of their position,” said Jones. “It is an honor to be able to recognize each of them for their hard work and excellence.”


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